Even though I am not a fashion photographer, a lot of the portraits I shoot are glamorous and I attended Lara’s workshop in LA in June 2014. It was the best thing I could have done, not only for the valuable information I learned, but just being around other creatives was so inspiring. Lara goes over important aspects of shoots and her career which provide insight into her business and the fashion industry. The added bonus was a session with Ashlee Gray on retouching. I learned things that have helped improve my retouching skills and given me the opportunity to provide an even better service to my clients. I would recommend this workshop for any photographer who is serious about taking their business to the next level. It’s not just for fashion photographers!
Sally Casas, Nevada USA

I attended the 2 day workshop in California in June 2014 and felt like the course was priceless. The opportunity to get these models alone was worth the course fee! Not a lot of fashion photographers share their methods and shooting side by side with someone with a great eye like Lara Jade is a great opportunity. For me, the course is a great investment for portfolio building on top of everything else Lara teaches!
Alli Oughtred, Melbourne Australia

Lara and her team are not just creative talents but also talented educators. They have an amazing ability to genuinely connect with their students and care deeply about the quality of education they provide. After my first two years of University, I was so discouraged by instructors that had lost that light, or perhaps never had that sort of passion to begin with. Instructors who can relate to their students will always be able to captivate their audience in a way that those lacking passion or enthusiasm just can’t. I would recommend this workshop to any photographer, not just those who dig fashion. There is a ton of content. The skills I acquired are ones that I will be able to utilize in a spectrum of shooting genres.
Megan Alanna, Vancouver Canada

I have attended almost a dozen workshops over the past couple of years in Asia, Europe and the US with top photography professionals working in the field today and Lara Jade’s fashion workshop was one of the best I have attended. It was very well put together and organized and it’s obvious that Lara gives her best to her students. Even though she’s the youngest mentor I’ve met yet, her poise and professionalism belie her years which makes for an enjoyable learning experience. Whether you want to pursue fashion photography and want to know what it’s like or just want the experience to enhance your own photographic pursuits, I highly recommend attending one of Lara’s workshops. It’s truly a worthy investment of your time and resources.
Joyce Torres, Boston USA

I can’t thank you guys enough for this last weekend. I had fun and learned a lot, but more importantly, I was inspired to step up my level of professionalism. I’m very appreciative of all the information you chose to divulge to us, and believe me when I say that I’m already applying it, as well as thinking of ways to apply it to upcoming shoots.
Marcus Meisler, Los Angeles USA

I attended Lara’s NYC Workshop and it is Absolutely one of the best investments I have ever made, Not only did I learn about fashion lighting and composition, I learned how to approach models, stylist and really conceptualize a photo shoot professionally. Lara even touched on the business aspect of industry and how to approach it. I know run a fine art wedding photography business and it all stemmed from taking Lara’s Fashion Workshop. You would be a fool to not attend one of her workshops.
Jon Hon, Florida USA

Lara’s workshops are amazing. Over two days, you get to see how Lara puts together a shoot from start to finish. She pulls together a professional team of agency represented models, stylist, HMUA and digital tech, just like a real editorial assignment, which gives you great insight into what it takes to get the outstanding quality images that she’s able to produce herself. She shares her journey to date and gives a lot of insight into the industry. The two days are very structured and flows really well. You can definitely see the amount of thought that she puts into these workshops. I’d highly recommend this to anyone wanting to push their photography to that next level.
Thomas Dang, Australia 

Anyone, who is thinking of attending one of Lara’s workshops, do it!! For two days we were given so much information and insight into the world of fashion photography, we were left brain fried! What impressed me the most about Lara’s workshop is the structure; it was very efficient, you are never left sitting doing nothing! Lara’s transparency throughout the workshop allows you find out aspects of fashion photography that no ones else divulges, or you would even consider when planning a photo shoot. So to anyone who is interested in pursuing fashion photography as a career or wants to integrate it in their current workflow or business model, make the investment. You will not be disappointed!
Kate Lionis, Australia

I highly recommend this incredible experience to anyone who is passionate about photography, whether you’re aspiring or professional!  I enjoyed every single moment of the 2 day experience and meeting Lara was a dream come true for me personally! Thank you Lara for being a fabulous mentor and teaching us your ways, I hope you had a wonderful time in Melbourne and I will most certainly comeback to a future Melbourne workshop!
Jayde Pearson, Australia

I had followed Lara Jade and her amazing work for over a year when signed up for the NYC Lara Jade Workshop on a whim.  Immediately after I signed up, I was terrified with self-doubt. Here I was a natural light senior photographer with very little experience with studio lighting and I signed up for a Lara Jade fashion photography workshop….in NYC.  I went knowing I was going to be completely out of my element but what I didn’t expect was Lara, Ashlee and the entire LJW team were so humble, helpful and had a genuine desire to help you learn.  I left the workshop completely energized and ready to bring my photography to the next level.   It is one of the best investments I could have ever made for my business.  I can’t recommend this workshop enough, it truly is an amazing experience.
Holly McClelland, Arizona USA

As I have ventured into the fashion genre of photography, I knew immediately that Lara Jade was someone who’s work I admired.  When the opportunity presented itself to attend her NYC workshop, and her partnering with Ashlee Gray, I jumped at the chance to be a part of the learning opportunity.  The experience did not disappoint.  As I had envisioned, Lara transported us into the day in the life of a fashion photographer.  She was so open about her knowledge within the industry, and shared how she achieved the success up to this point, and what it takes to create a vision. Lara provided us with the hands on experience of photographing our very own fashion shoot, with professional models, beautiful styling and went through her thought process of the bones of the shoot, from styling, to lighting to composition.  It definitely helped give me better perspective to achieve a more editorial look to my images. In addition to understanding capturing the image, Ashlee Gray so kindly spent a day also providing her knowledge of start to finish processing of high fashion editorials.  The partnering of Lara and Ashlee ewas a perfect combination for understanding the full endeavor of being a part of the fashion world.  Thank you to Lara and Ashlee for your candidness, and generosity.  I can not wait for the opportunity to be apart of another one!
Robin Hagy, California USA

The Lara Jade two day workshop held at Hoxton Street Studios, London was fantastic. The learning experience was fun, informative and thoroughly inspirational. Everything from lighting, post processing and business marketing was covered. The workshop has really inspired me and it is wonderful to have worked with Lara, Ashlee and the team. Motivational, encouraging and good vibes! Thank you.
Charmaine Gittens, Scotland UK

What an amazing experience! Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a more seasoned pro looking to refine your technique, Lara’s workshop accommodates such a wide range of photographers. From lighting to retouching, Lara does a seamless job in sharing her wealth of knowledge and industry know-how. I would highly recommend taking this workshop. The shoot alone is worth the investment for building your portfolio. (It’s a professionally stylized shoot with Lara guiding you along!) And if that isn’t enough of a cherry on top for you, the critique portion of the workshop was an eye opener for everyone. Lara gives a lot of inspiring, constructive feedback that everybody can learn from. This workshop is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss. Thanks again, Lara and team, I had a wonderful time and I can’t wait to see more of your beautiful work.
Sarah Park, Orange County, CA

Attending the Lara Jade Workshop in NYC was such an incredible experience. I feel so grateful for having the opportunity to learn from and work along side such talented industry professionals. Lara and Ashlee are like a breath of fresh air in the industry. They are both so down to earth, passionate, and knowledgeable. From breakfast treats and coffee, lunch, the portfolio review, presentations, lighting techniques, shoot time, and all of the little details in between, the entire workshop was very well prepared, but also a very comfortable and inviting environment which was great as doing a workshop was completely out of my element. The experience in whole was by far one of the best investments I’ve made into my career. I learned so much, and left feeling so refreshed and motivated to make positive changes in my photography business. Thank you Lara, Ashlee, and the LJ team for providing such a wonderful opportunity!
Melissa Volkman, California USA

When I say that Lara Jade’s workshop is amazing I absolutely mean it. I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect. I had a bit of a freak out moment when I couldn’t attend the original workshop I was scheduled for but Lara graciously allowed me to attend a later workshop. She even reached out to me when the workshop booking opened. This was surely a welcomed surprise. Lara’s talent is well known but her personality makes her a complete package. Lara is a down to earth woman with an amazing ability to teach. Don’t let her age fool you. She has a true passion for fashion photography that I found refreshing. I’ve been a photographer for quite a while but never really considered fashion photography. I always felt that fashion photographers were a whole different type of photographer. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. Lara helped me see how even I could be a fashion photographer or incorporate fashion into my current model. She’s quite transparent with the information in her workshop as well. The addition of Ashlee Gray was awesome. Ashlee’s retouching skills amaze me and helped me see what to shoot for during a shoot. Retouching for fashion is definitely different than retouching for the average portrait photographer. I highly recommend this workshop to anyone from the fashion photographer to the portrait photographer to the novice.
Monica Day, Puerto Rico

It is with the upmost pleasure and enthusiasm to recommend Lara Jade’s workshop for aspiring fashion photographers and other photographers that are looking to take their work to the next level. Not only does Lara demonstrate a high degree of knowledge and expertise in the fashion industry but she also has a genuine willingness to tailor the content of her message, to meet the specific needs of her audience. Lara teaches in a way that really encourages you to believe in yourself but also prepares you for vital industry expectations often overlooked on other photography workshops.
Adrian Farr, Norwich UK

I have followed Lara Jades work for some time and have been inspired by her work and approach to fashion photography. I am so glad that I went to her London workshop as it was excellent. Learn’t so much about style, lighting and how to approach a shoot with confidence. I now feel excited to go out and start designing some cool shoots of my own. Don’t hesitate, just book.
Pete Cox, Devon UK